Aspire Coils

Aspire Coils

  • Aspire Athos Coil

    Aspire Athos Coil Specifications: A3 Triple-Coil 0.3 ohm, rated for 60 to 75W A5 Penta-Coil 0.16 ohm, rated for 100 to 120W Package Includes:5 x Aspire Athos  Replacement Coil Head 
  • Cleito Coil

    Aspire Cleito Coils  Specifications:Wattage: 0.2ohm (55-70W)0.27ohm(50-55W)0.4ohm(40-55W)Package Includes:5 x Cleito Replacement Coil Head 
  • Triton Coil

    Aspire Triton Coils  Specifications:316L Stainless Steel wire coils (0.3 and 0.4 ohm) or Kanthal A-1 (1.8 ohm)Package Includes:5 x Atlantis Triton Replacement Coil  
  • Triton Mini Coil

    Aspire Triton Mini Coils  Specifications:Kanthal wire at 1.2 ohm: Quite excellent - great to provide a little more punch to your vape Clapton wire at 1.8 ohm: Clapton coil with a Nautilus Package Includes:5 x Atlantis Triton Mini...
  • Atlantis Evo Coil

    Aspire Atlantis BVC Coils  Specifications:Wattage: 0.5ohm (35-40W)0.4ohm(40-50W)Material: Kanthal ClaptonPackage Includes:5 x Atlantis EVO Replacement Coil  
  • Atlantis Coil

    Aspire Atlantis Coils  Specifications:Wattage: 0.5ohm 20-30W, 0.3ohm 70-80W Package Includes:5x Atlantis Replacement Atomizer   
  • BVC Coil

    Aspire BVC Coils  Feature   Fit for aspire et, ets , CE5 bdc tank, CE5S, aspire k1 tank Resistance: 1.8ohm,1.6ohm, 2.1ohm Package Includes:             5x BVC Replacement Atomizer heads
  • Cleito 120 Coil

    Aspire Cleito 120 Coils  Features:              0.16 ohm             Open Airflow             Organic Cotton Wick        ...